Asian Culture and Media Alliance or ACMA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Asian American community activist and TV personality Cathlyn Choi.

Mission Statement: To provide a voice of unity, awareness and empowerment for the Asian Pacific American (APA) communities through the power of Media Arts, specifically Television, Film and Online Media.

Objective: To create a cultural bridge that promotes commonalities and connect Asian Pacific Americans with other communities through media and internship programs as well as educational, cultural and networking events.

Vision: To become the primary media arts and cultural source for Asian Pacific American (APA) communities in the US.

Below are some of ACMA’s media programs and annual events:

If you are interested in volunteer or sponsorship opportunities for any one of our programs, please send email to

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In addition to our annual fundraising events, ACMA appreciates your support in believing in our mission to serve as a voices in media for our Asian Pacific American community. Your kind minimum donation of $100 may also be IRS tax deductible and will help to ensure that we can continue our mission of providing important media and educational youth programs that foster a better awareness & understanding of our community and inspire our future leaders!